Patent No. 6,875,738 associated with the use of its anti-cancer substance, CTCE-9908, in the treating inhibition and cancer of angiogenesis. CTCE-9908 is made to block CXCR4, a receptor found on […]

BioCancell raises $5.1 million by surplus demand in public areas offering Achievement for BioCancell Therapeutics Inc acheter un produit .: Surplus demand in BioCancell’s open public providing of shares and […]

For use against late-stage melanomaNew findings reveal association between colorectal tumor and melanoma medications The main goals of the project, which includes been awarded $900,000, are aimed at generating molecular […]

Romney, after arriving in Tampa on. Tuesday, ahead of schedule, on Wednesday Indiana army veterans flew before returning to Florida to talk. He said he would rather to veterans than […]