Theyre also living sicker.

CDC: Seniors have fewer remaining healthy years in South Health officials have been warning that while Americans are living longer than ever before, they’re also living sicker . Health America’s health ratings: Living much longer, but sicker Regarding to a United Wellness Foundation study, Vermont is the nation’s healthiest condition while South Carolina may be the least healthy. The group’s me. Now a new research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that your geographical area could go quite a distance in predicting just how many healthy years you have left.

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Among the positive results, consumer familiarity with vaccine-preventable ailments is rising, although limited still. Knowledge of specific vaccine-preventable illnesses rose 4 to 12 % compared with results from a 2009 survey, with the largest boost for pertussis vaccine. The only vaccine-preventable disease never to register a rise in familiarity can be pneumococcal vaccine. Consumers also statement that they seldom refuse vaccines if their doctors recommend them.S. There are reports greater than 6,400 cases so far in California this complete year, the most since 1958. While pertussis make a difference people of any age and actually, national rates have been rising in adults, it is the infants who adults move this to who bear the responsibility. Ten infants, all younger than three months, possess died from whooping cough in California this full year.