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Antioxidants might cause fertility problems in females Antioxidants are everywhere sold over the counter. They’re added to food, drink and face cream. But relating to Prof generic cialis . Nava Dekel of the Biological Regulation Division, we still don’t have a complete knowledge of how they take action in our bodies. New study by Dekel and her team, recently released in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA , provides revealed a feasible unexpected side effect of antioxidants: They could cause fertility complications in females. Common antioxidants include vitamins E and C. These ongoing work through the elimination of molecules called reactive oxygen species that are produced naturally in your body.

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Co-experts had been Kenneth Koch, M.D., of Wake Forest also; Sakkubai Naidu, M.D., and Carmen Cuffari, M.D., of Johns Hopkins College of Medicine; and Anil Darbari, M.D., John Desbiens, Hong Brereton, M.S., R.D., and Genila Bibat, M.D., all the Kennedy-Krieger Institute.. Anti-reflux surgery – research might trigger changes in treatment suggestions Researchers in Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center have discovered that the reflux and swallowing problems that are normal symptoms in patients with Rett syndrome and other neurological impairments, could be caused by a different mechanism than they are in healthy individuals. The finding leaves researchers to wonder if these patients reap the benefits of anti-reflux surgery commonly performed in these children truly. In a study published in this quarter’s issue of the Journal of Applied Study, John E.