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Strange as it may seem, those varied topics are apt to surface repeatedly during next week’s arguments at the Supreme Courtroom over the health law’s constitutionality . NPR: Obama’s Health Care Law In Court: An Overview The Supreme Court gets ready to hear its biggest case in years -; or at least its longest. In a few days, three days and six hours of hearings may determine whether President Obama’s landmark health care law lives or dies .S. Supreme Court affirms the ongoing health care legislation but strikes down its Medicaid expansion, millions of uninsured Americans with incomes below the poverty collection won’t get federal government help line up health coverage, unlike their better off compatriots somewhat.If cola companies will continue to sell their items in California, after that, they must now carry cancer warning labels to become in compliance with Prop 65. You can wager a desperate effort is currently under way by the cola market to lobby California regulators and make sure 4-MI gets taken off any enforcement of Prop 65. The cola industry wants everybody to think its products are wholesome and natural while forgetting about medical ramifications of phosphoric acid, aspartame and high-fructose corn syrup. Today, with 4-methylimidazole and 2-methylimidazole in the picture, there’s another potentially cancer-causing chemical to be concerned about in colas.