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Cognitive behavioral therapy for PTSD affects fundamental biology of the disorder A study of biological markers of PTSD in Biological Psychiatry A fresh paper posted in Biological Psychiatry shows that cognitive behavioral therapy for posttraumatic tension disorder not merely reduces symptoms but also affects the fundamental biology of the disorder. The researchers, led by Dr. Szabolcs K-ri at the National Institute of Psychiatry and Addictions and University of Szeged in Hungary, recruited 39 individuals identified as having PTSD to take part in the study sildenafil oral jelly . For a evaluation group, they included 31 individuals who had been exposed to trauma also, but who didn’t develop PTSD.


Study it was also noted that parsley and some fruits and nuts include a compound that could prevent breast malignancy cells multiplying.. Espresso provides protections from a kind of breast cancer: Study By Dr Ananya Mandal, MD Recent research from Sweden has shown that drinking coffee can help curb the chance of creating a certain type of breast cancer. For the analysis they compared coffee consumption in postmenopausal women with breast cancers and women of the same age without cancer, they found those that drank five or more cups of java a complete day showed a 0.43 times lower risk of estrogen-receptor negative cancers.