The meeting comes prior to the G-8 summit.

He proposed creating a global details and analysis program to monitor infectious illnesses, along with setting up a global bank of anti-viral medications. He also urged the international community to improve attempts to stem the spread of HIV and Helps, and to create a worldwide program for monitoring flu outbreaks regarding the bird flu. Indonesia reported its 25th loss of life from the H5N1 stress of bird flu on Fri and China stated an 8-year-old young lady had contracted the condition.Gradually we’re starting to arrive to this understanding that pollution is in fact of a larger scale than we originally prepared for and thought about, Faloona said.

CLF award for Baltimore City Public Schools The Johns Hopkins Middle for a Livable Future today recognized the Baltimore City Public Academic institutions with the Center’s 2009 Award for Visionary Leadership in Neighborhood Food Procurement and Food Education. The CLF award recognizes people and groups for ‘outstanding contributions to advancing our knowledge of the complex interactions between human beings and the surroundings.’ The award was provided to Neil E.