The medical market claims chemo can be a miraculous remedy.

Here are some of these: • Abdominal discomfort • Acute respiratory complications • Anemia • Anxiety and nervousness • Blood clots • Brain fog • Loss of life • Difficulty walking and loss of balance • General discomfort • Hair thinning • Neck and Head aches stiffness • Hearing impairment • Cardiovascular burn • Impotence • Increased risk of coronary attack • Much greater risk of contamination • Joint pain • Kidney problems • Lung problems • Muscle tissue and Nerve damage • Numbness • Infertility in both men and women • Anal bleeding • Ruptured spleen • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing • Sinus problems • Epidermis reactions • Sore or aching muscles • Tremors • Numerous kinds of cardiovascular disease and an over-all weakening of the center • Visual problems • Vomiting Wow, all of this from a remedy, huh? So let me ask you, will chemo sound more like a cure or a poison? It certainly doesn’t take a PhD to know that a real remedy shouldn’t cause most of these other complications.This collaboration allows the hospitals and other healthcare facilities to provide: The ability to implement audit tools to make sure that quality specifications are being honored, safety measures are getting complied with, as both may be used to additional educate caregivers to constantly enhance quality and basic safety for their patients. Doctors, nurses and additional healthcare providers having the ability to efficiently and cost-effectively monitor, treat and go to their patients. Family close friends and members with the ability to use the Internet to monitor, go to, and correspond with themselves who are patients. Individuals and their site visitors with direct access to on-demand high-velocity Internet and first work movies within their rooms..