The girls medical center announced.

Her twin, Maria Paz, remains clinging to life, said hospital director Osvaldo Artaza. Maria Jose had experienced ‘a flaw in the proper side of the heart as a consequence of pulmonary hypertension that afflicted her since her birth,’ according to a medical center statement. The statement said Maria Paz was in a stable condition, with her kidneys needs to function. Chileans have carefully followed the girls’ story, with updates on the condition making national headlines. Artaza said the medical procedures affected all of the deceased girl’s organs, while ‘recognizing the delicate state of Maria Paz, we are hopeful.’ ‘We are conscious that we made every effort,’ Artaza said.Different doctors offer treatment for bladder malignancy. They include Urologists specific in urinary system remedies, Radiation Oncologists who treats tumor with radiation therapy, and Medical oncologists who undertakes chemotherapy for cancers treatments. Bladder cancer can’t be taken gently as it’s obvious that it’s life-threatening. Nevertheless, taking some safety measures like quitting cigarette smoking and lesser contact with harmful chemicals can set aside this from impacting our health and wellness.