The diagnosis can lead to major lifestyle changes.

This may lead to major upheavals in family members members’ lives: individuals who observe themselves as healthy can suddenly get a medical diagnosis that necessitates big lifestyle changes or even lifelong medical treatment. The study of parents and their children aged 7 to 25 at the Queen Silvia Children’s Medical center reveals that the medical diagnosis itself rarely includes a negative effect on standard of living. Kids and parents grateful ‘Despite learning they have a chronic and potentially life-threatening heart disease, both parents and kids were grateful that the condition had been found before any serious problems arose, and that they could now ask treatment and advice,’ says Bratt.The epidemic had adopted the devastating January 12 earthquake. The vote shall elect a successor to President Rene Preval, a fresh 99-member parliament and 11 new associates of the 30-seat Senate. Fears of campaign violence have elevated after an assault late on Mon by suspected armed bandits on a bus transporting journalists to a rally by leading presidential applicant Jacques-Edouard Alexis in northern Haiti. The bus driver was killed and police said they killed one of the attackers later. Leonard Doyle, the International Organisation for Migration , a UN agency in charge of co-ordinating the management of comfort camps says his company is tracking the cell phones of those who fled the Artibonite area following the cholera outbreak started.