The death rate for children between ages 1 and 4 may be the lowest ever.

America’s Children: Essential National Indicators of Well-Being 2005 The adolescent birth rate has reached another record low, the death rate for children between ages 1 and 4 may be the lowest ever, small children are more likely to receive their recommended immunizations, and fourth graders are scoring better in mathematics, according to a yearly compendium of statistics from federal agencies worried about children. Children will reside in poverty also, infants will become of low birthweight, youth are more likely to commit or be a victim of a violent crime, and reading scores of teenagers have declined slightly new hair grows .

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• The advertising and advertising of smoking cigarettes, sodas, junk and pharmaceuticals food will be outlawed. • The national authorities would act with humility and honor, abiding by its oath and doing its best to provide the betterment of culture. Instead, today is arrogant government, violent, threatening and oppressive. • The manufacturing base of America wouldn’t normally have been exported to China. Careers would remain in the USA and people would be collecting paychecks, not meals stamps. • Foreign plan will be based on the required result of establishing long-lasting peace instead of encouraging wars and conflicts offering the terrorism back story the government needs to increase its power.