The American University of Doctors and Cientis Technology.

AmericanEHR Partners Program introduced to help medical practitioners compare EHR systems AmericanEHR Partners Program announced by ACP and Cientis TechnologiesA collaboration developing a new Internet site to help medical practitioners compare electronic health records systems was announced today by its founding companions, the American University of Doctors and Cientis Technology. The free, web-based source, the AmericanEHR Partners Program, will help healthcare professionals compare, evaluate, select and learn how to use accredited EHR systems effectively. ‘The aim of AmericanEHR Partners is to provide a credible, easy-to-use national resource for doctors who are selecting, using or applying an EHR,’ stated Dr. Alan Brookstone, CEO, Cientis Technologies. ‘ACP is excited to supply the medical community with this new, unbiased source on EHRs,’ stated ACP President Joseph W.This band of NHS staff who work round the clock to improve services for patients are getting the message that they are worth less than co-workers doing the same job.’ Pay for doctors in schooling will rise by 3 percent. Dr Chris McCullough, joint chairman of the BMA’s Scottish Junior Doctors Committee, said: ‘At a time when Scotland needs to retain and recruit more doctors, I neglect to understand the logic of this move. Substandard pay rise only encourages junior doctors to be tempted to abandon medication in favour of a more lucrative profession.’ Doctors in the staff and associate expert grades are to receive a pay rise of 3.225 percent.