Source Exelixisrevealed unmet needs in Asthma Care In The U

Source Exelixisrevealed unmet needs in Asthma Care In The U.S.In the past year were estimated at more than a million patients in the hospital and almost three million visited emergency rooms in the United States as a result of asthma, according to a new comprehensive national survey . 2 In addition, about one third of patients with asthma were interviewed 12 years and older admitted to the hospital, emergency department visit or other other timetable health for their asthma in the past year. 2 Findings from Asthma Insight and Management , a survey of 2,500 current asthma patients 12 years and older, 004 adults without asthma and 309 physicians in the United States present, the burden of this chronic disease. AIM was conducted to provide a benchmark of progress in the treatment of asthma since the last landmark asthma survey in the U.S., Asthma in America in 1998 carried out. AIM is the largest and most comprehensive national survey of asthma in the U.S. For more than one done decade.2.

– Twelve % of asthma patients which had an episode last year when asthma symptoms were more frequent or severe than normal report that these episodes last between seven and 13 days, while 18 % reported that these episodes last three to four days. The mean duration of these episodes is 6.2.

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