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Anxiety experienced with false-positive mammogram will not negatively impact woman’s well-being Dartmouth researchers have discovered that the anxiety familiar with a false-positive mammogram is temporary and will not negatively influence a female's overall well-being tadalafil read more . Their results are reported in ‘Effects of False-Positive Screening Mammograms,in the April 21 ‘ which was published online, 2014 JAMA Internal Medicine. From 40 to 60 % of ladies who go through routine screening mammography throughout a ten-12 months period will knowledge a false-positive mammogram. Such mammograms need additional testing, sometimes involving a biopsy, to confirm that cancer is not present.


Due to these limitations, doctors and patients have already been awaiting substitute therapies eagerly, one of which happens to be available, and many others are under investigation in large clinical trials currently. Apixaban can be an oral direct factor Xa inhibitor that demonstrated promise last year when trial findings presented at the European Society of Cardiology demonstrated apixaban individuals were 54 % less likely to have a stroke or blood coagulum than those that took aspirin. Apixaban and aspirin showed similar risks of major bleeding. Our study indicates treatment with apixaban is more effective than warfarin in avoiding stroke without the need for anticoagulation monitoring, says Wallentin. The analysis shows apixaban is certainly safer than warfarin also, regarding to Wallentin.