May Bite Countergadget help people lose weight?

Muth informed CBS News in a voice-mail. ‘But the device is intended for long term use.’ In the event that you average bites across foods and days, he said, a design emerges of the average calorie count. Also people have a tendency to consume the same foods week after week which stabilize the calorie counts as time passes. Dr. Muth informed CBS Information he averages about 20 calories from fat per bite, while his colleage averages 25. The counter isn’t perfect. The creators said it examined 90 % accurate in studies, but it sometimes accumulates non-eating motions like utilizing a napkin or arm gestures.No, it is a corporate brand protection strategy.. Bird flu has jumped species barrier to cats The H5N1 strain of bird flu swept through 10 Parts of asia early this year, leading to the slaughter or loss of life of more than 100 million hens and the deaths greater than 20 people. Since mid-December 2003, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam possess reported outbreaks of the avian influenza stress H5N1. Thailand and Vietnam possess reported influenza H5N1 infection in human beings with 32 laboratory-confirmed instances and 22 deaths, a mortality price of 70 % nearly.