Lake Cook County near Lake Michigan had found the highest number of deer ticks traitement de linfection de loreille.

Lake Cook County near Lake Michigan had found the highest number of deer ticks traitement de l’infection de l’oreille .There are some fairly simple preventive measures, were reported, to avoid contact with ticks: Wear bright clothing, so it is easy the ticks the ticks Wear long sleeves and pants, tuck pants into socks or tape pants, boots use insect repellent DEET remain. The center of well-groomed pistes. Perform frequent tick checks when you are outside. Do you have a tick check at the end of the day again the next morning. Put your clothes in the dryer when you get home to dry and come to kill the ticks. As background in 2007 deer ticks were in the Chicago area with 32 to 37 % of the ticks tested positive for the disease found. These data confirm an increased chance of contracting Lyme disease in the Chicago metropolitan area and sparked an interest in further studies, Rydzewski said. By the Illinois Department of Public Health, 108 human cases of Lyme disease in Illinois in 2008 were reported, compared to only 35 cases in 2000, Increased surveillance and awareness of Lyme disease may account for some of the cases, but it is really an increase in emergence. It is possible it is possible that the number of Lyme disease cases is underreported in Illinois, said Rydzewski. Source: Debra Levey Larson, University of Illinois College of Agricultural.

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