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Increasing the capacity, quality and effectiveness of training for health workers, changing the changing the staff mix through creative partnerships with established schools in developed countries particularly promising avenue to reduce labor costs, the researchers said. – ‘If we doctors doctors to do that you really do not need medical training – like the vaccination or implementation of health interviews – and they shift nurses or community health workers, we can free doctors to complex tasks to do, ‘said co-author Chris Brown Mahoney, study study while she was a postdoctoral fellow at the Global Center. ‘We see this concept of task shifting in the United States, where patients are increasingly seen by nurse practitioners sildenafil citrate more info . It is primarily done for money reasons. Africa has so few doctors, it would be more efficient for them to to concentrate more serious health needs. , and 2.9 the number of medium-sized and community health workers is a cost-effective policy, ‘added study co-author Mario Dal Poz, coordinator of human resources for health at the WHO. ‘This is particularly true when you consider are less training and are likely to stay in their own countries, and the practice in traditionally underserved rural communities. ‘.

While global aid is necessary, it huge gap to fill the enormous gap in need, said the. Researchers to buffer the effects of the defect, the researchers recommend that the Government in sub-Saharan Africa, the following:.

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Reuters detail the effects of HIV / AIDS living in Africa in a message box. Of the estimated 33.4 million people HIV, Sub-Saharan African remains that region most affected are of life[ the virus] accounting for 67 % of all living with HIV and 91 per cent of of all newly infected .