HPV infection may be the main risk element for cervical cancers check the following site.

* Over 99 percent of instances of cervical tumor are associated with the human papillomavirus and the NHS happens to be running a pilot study to see whether the addition of testing for HPV could improve the existing cervical screening programme. The authors of today’s paper state that HPV screening should only be presented alongside a public education programme to make sure that people know about the virus and know very well what the check means. ‘HPV infection may be the main risk element for cervical cancers,’ says lead author Jo Waller of Cancers Research UK’s Wellness Behaviour Unit at University College London check the following site . ‘But our research implies that less that one percent of the population know about the link.’ HPV infection is incredibly common, affecting 70 per cent of the active population at some time within their lives sexually.


Brits denied new targeted bowel cancer drugs Despite the fact that bowel cancer is the third most common form of the disease in Britain and kills 16,000 people every full year, the federal government watchdog on drugs the National Institute for Health insurance and Clinical Excellence has sparked a bitter controversy by refusing to supply two bowel cancer drugs on the National Health Service to cancer sufferers. Their grounds for refusal are that the two brand-new targeted therapies for bowel cancer, Erbitux and Avastin, are not cost effective. Both Avastin and Erbitux are accessible in the usa and much of Europe.