CVS Caremark announced today the launch of the Caremark.

It really is designed to further broaden mobile access to the prescription info for CVS Caremark people. Since July of 2010 An iPhone application has been available. At CVS Caremark we continue to find ways to engage and communicate with our members using fresh technologies to control their prescriptions and keep them connected, said Tim Kurth, vice president, eBusiness at CVS Caremark. The availability of an Google android app enables us to supply our plan people with convenient access to their accounts through their preferred cellular devices.Although I do not really condone this behavior, I really believe we will shortly see this exact situation argued in the courts. Some mother or father of a teenage kid will invoke their perceived correct of self-defense by shooting back again at those wanting to kidnap them and subject matter them to violent procedures like chemotherapy or radiation therapy. The best jury would likely decide and only the mother or father. Why? Because they could recognize that each parent has the to defend themselves and their family against an imminent risk of violence against their kids, if that threat is veiled in the vocabulary of medicine even. Again, I would like to emphasize that by no means do I condone the usage of violence to solve problems, and easily found myself in that scenario, I’d default to the energy of the courts to solve the situation instead of using destructive instruments like firearms.