Color blindness cured by mind injury.

But can a blow to the top lead to reversing an incurable genetic condition? Scott Brodie, a professor of ophthalmology specializing in medical retina and medical electrophysiology at The Mount Sinai Medical center in NEW YORK, told CBS News. People who are colorblind their whole life might not actually recognize different tones of color, he added, because over time, the brain has loaded in these gaps of missing information.Ruby, MD, MBA, FCAP, president and medical director, 4route, Ltd. 4route chosen Virtuoso as its system for our digital imaging initiatives, enabling us to incorporate both quantitative image evaluation algorithms and the remote control consultative features into our practice.’ The brand new Virtuoso discharge includes many brand-new algorithms, enabling personalized medicine further. BioImagene now offers a lot more than 100 algorithms such as IHC algorithms such as for example HER2, P53 and ER/PR for breasts cancer, Ki67 for breast, prostate and brain cancers, CD138 for multiple CD3/CD20 and myeloma for lymphoma.