Cluster Headaches Cluster headaches have been called histamine cephalalgia.

Periodicity is usually characteristic of cluster headaches. Clusters of headaches are experienced, each cluster lasting so long as several months, once or a year twice. Using alcohol, histamines, or nitroglycerine throughout a cluster headache may worsen the attack. Certain personality and physical features have been associated with cluster head aches. A leonine appearance is one of these. Solid associations with smoking, alcohol use, and previous face and mind trauma have already been noted. Most of the headache-stopping drugs effective in treating migraine headaches are also effective in stopping cluster head aches, suggesting that the two types are related. Oxygen therapy: This is actually the treatment of choice and is very safe and effective. Early in an attack, oxygen delivered through a genuine nose and mouth mask has been known to either stop an attack or diminish its intensity.Solar, wind, or geothermal power sources provide possible green solutions even.

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