Clinical scientists work closely with a critical mass of researchers.

Clinical scientists work closely with a critical mass of researchers, neurodegenerative diseases, the base at the University. This is the center of expertise for multiple sclerosis research the MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine, the Center for Neural Regeneration, Euan MacDonald Centre for Motor Neuron Disease Research and Division of Clinical Sciences – .

As with multiple sclerosis these disorders are progressive and incurable.The clinical results from the establishment of the Centre for Multiple Sclerosis Research at the University in 2007, which support support. From Harry Potter author.In view of mechanism, R788 a wide range of to treat a variety of immune-related disorders, from which a series be we advance in hospital. .. The study, – slows the progression of of murine lupus preclinical studies.

The study, the potential of the R788 is evaluated that action on the immune Kaskade in an in vivo Systemic Lupus model, published in Arthritis and Rheumatism and bears the title – A orally bioavailable obsession tyrosine kinase inhibitor delayed disease progression and prolongs survival of which from Murine Systemic Lupus (May 2008, tape 58, of the mice that The results were impressive and in conformity with R788 ‘s mechanism of action, said Donald G. Executive vice president and president of discover and research of Rigel.