Cipher first quarter net revenue decreases to $0.

During Q1 2011, the business continued with pre-commercial activities for CIP-TRAMADOL ER, like the completion of the manufacturing validation batches and out-licensing discussions with potential U.S. Distributors. The Company is hopeful of completing out-licensing negotiations in Q2 2011 and is certainly targeting past due Q3 2011 for the commercial launch. In addition, Cipher expects a reply from Health Canada concerning regulatory acceptance in Q3 2011.. Cipher first quarter net revenue decreases to $0.7 million Cipher Pharmaceuticals Inc.As its name shows, biophotonics can be a term that encompasses biology, the branch of organic sciences that research the laws of lifestyle, and photonics, that’s, the technology and technology focusing on generating, manipulating and detecting photons, which will be the quantum systems of light. This understanding is put on prevention, diagnosis and therapy for a variety of illnesses. Relating to Professor Turgut Durduran, mind of the Medical Optics Group at ICFO, who makes a short historical summary to try and explain where this self-discipline originates from and where it’s heading, In the 1930s, in a few medical consulting areas where breast cancer had been researched, a light will be positioned behind a patient’s breasts while a health care provider stood before the individual drawing what she or he noticed.