Chinmax Medical Systems.

Ltd., a subsidiary of Inverness Medical Improvements, Inc. . According to the complaint, Chinmax is the exclusive distributor in China of diagnostics items manufactured by Biosite Incorporated, a respected cardiac biomarkers business in San Diego, California, USA. Biosite was acquired by Inverness Medical Innovations, Inc. in June 2007. The complaint accused Inverness Medical Beijing Co. Ltd., plus a second defendant, Shanghai Tongwei Medical Gadget Co. Ltd., of infringing Chinmax’s exclusive distribution rights by importing and selling the relevant items in China without permission. The complaint also accused Inverness Medical Beijing of infringing Chinmax’s proprietary privileges to the relevant item registrations issued by China’s State Food and Drug Administration .Turner who chairs Citizens for Wellness.’ Located in Washington, D.C. The nonprofit organization powers the Food internet site to keep consumers aware of the most recent beverage and food security issues and concerns, including information regarding controversial ingredients that are available in a huge selection of processed and packaged foods, as well seeing that where to look for them and why families should avoid products which contain them. The Food Identification Theft website has released the ‘Top 10 10 Ingredients in order to avoid,’ a listing of today's many worrisome sweeteners, preservatives, and industrially synthesized additives, such as high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, potassium bromate and monosodium glutamate.