CDC report on new HIV cases among MSM shows have to continue prevention.

All rights reserved.. CDC report on new HIV cases among MSM shows have to continue prevention, treatment efforts CDC’s recently released HIV/AIDS data, which present an overall increase in new HIV diagnoses among males who’ve sex with males, is a ‘reminder that the work of keeping people HIV-negative and getting those who are HIV-positive into treatment is never done,’ a Washington Post editorial claims. The info, from 33 says between 2001 and 2006, demonstrates new HIV diagnoses elevated by 12 percent annually among MSM age range 13 to 24 and by 15 percent per year among black males in the same generation. Furthermore, infections among MSM age groups 45 years and older saw an increase of 3 percent. One ‘silver lining in a cloud of troubling information’ was a 1 percent decrease in attacks among MSM ages 25 to 44, the Post notes.The increase linked to high toxoplasma antibody recommended by the Columbia study would add another one to two % to this risk. ‘Evidence from this and previous research prospects us to consider that the elevated risk for schizophrenia might not stem from exposure to a specific infectious disease, but from a system secondary to an infection, such as swelling,’ stated Ezra Susser, MD, DrPH, Anna Cheskis Gelman and Murray Charles Gelman Professor and seat of the Division of Epidemiology at the Mailman School of Public Health.