Catheter Connections receives U.

.. Catheter Connections receives U.S. Patent for DualCap IV disinfection technology Catheter Connections, a start-up organization co-founded by nurses wanting to reduce deadly hospital-acquired bloodstream infections, today the issuance of U announced.S. Patent No. 8 8,343,112. The Company gets the only granted U.S. Patents for safeguarding and disinfecting man luer connectors, which will be the connectors used to connect IV tubing lines to IV catheters.Previous studies show that biofeedback training raises test-taking ability also, decreases tension and relieves melancholy. Biofeedback training is simple, inexpensive, fast-acting, and noninvasive and there are zero unwanted effects or harmful medication interactions potentially. The techniques function by sending indicators between elements of the brain-heart-body program through the center rhythm patterns , nerves, hormones and electric impulses. When there is way better conversation or synchronicity between these systems, people often feel a feeling of wellbeing, calmness and mental clearness.