Cancer Wont Wait THINKING ABOUT?

– In your 40s have a clinical breast exam and mammogram every full year. – For all those with a moderately elevated risk you should consult your doctors about whether and when you should add MRI screenings to your annual mammogram – For those at risky a MRI and mammogram should be done each year beginning at age 30. It is vital that we all stick to best of our health, whether we are a woman or man. So why wait until it really is too late to understand how valuable your health is.FAO and OIE called upon donors and countries to get more in the control of contagious transboundary animal diseases. Such animal illnesses are increasing as a result of worldwide trade and the motion of individuals and animals. Animal illnesses that cross borders want an instantaneous and effective regional or international response, both agencies said. FAO and OIE have decided to established up a global info and early warning system on highly contagious transboundary animal diseases. Within an emergency situation, the quick distribution of info and an improved coordination between countries is essential to control contagious illnesses.