But a judge threw cool water on the program Monday afternoon.

Bloomberg noises off on sweet drinks ruling NY City’s ban on sweet drinks bigger than 16 ounces was likely to start today. But a judge threw cool water on the program Monday afternoon drug information . The last-minute legal advancement is definitely a blow to Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s attempts to fight obesity. The mayor has known as sugar-sweetened beverages a respected cause of weight problems and says raising consciousness simply isn’t enough any more. But his demand action by means of this ban will need to wait.


Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute implants two Heartware ventricular aid devices The Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute of Northwestern Memorial Medical center recently implanted an individual with two of the tiniest experimental ventricular assist gadgets available for study in humans. VADs are created to assist either the proper or still left ventricle, or both simultaneously. McCarthy, MD, chief of the hospital’s division of cardiac operation and director of the hospital’s Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute. McCarthy, who’s also the Heller-Sacks Professor of surgery treatment at Northwestern University Feinberg College of Medicine.