Burger King Debuts New Fat.

Burger King Debuts New Fat, Calorie Bomb Cardiologists may soon see an uptick running a business if Burger King’s most recent fat-and-calorie bomb catches about relieve pain . Meet the New York Pizza Burger: four quarter-pound patties topped with pepperoni and mozzarella and smothered in marinara sauce – all on a sesame seed bun that spans nine-and-a-half inches. PICTURES: Kids’ Meal Shockers: Look Out! It all results in 2,530 calories, 144 grams of fat and 380 mg of cholesterol. An old-college Whopper is comparatively healthy, delivering 670 calories, 40 grams of unwanted fat , and 75 mg of cholesterol. Nutritional guidelines say a lot of people should consume forget about 2,500 calories, 65 grams of total unwanted fat, 20 grams of saturated fat, and 300 mg of cholesterol in an entire day. Nutritional details posted on the business’s website indicates that every Pizza Burger contains six servings, though period will tell whether people brave plenty of to purchase the sandwich share it – or scarf it all by themselves. The sandwich is scheduled to debut the following month in the chain’s Whopper Bar in NY City’s Period Square district. So far, BK is keeping images of the sandwich under wraps. However the restaurant is open 24 hours per day, seven days week. In other words, it’s always open, also if your coronary arteries aren’t.


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