Bullying is recognized as a serious issue.

And thanks to tech-savvy kids, cyberbullying and other forms of electronic harassment are commonplace now. MULTIMEDIA ALERT: Broadcast audio and video resources are available to download on the Mayo Clinic Information Network. Watch Medical Advantage deals on bullying in sports and stopping bullying in the classroom. Mayo Clinic experts are available to comment on a number of bullying issues and angles. Mayo Clinic bullying avoidance specialists Peter Jensen, M.D., and Bridget Biggs, Ph.D., can talk about cyberbullying, and physical and verbal bullying among adolescents. Related StoriesEating habits and human brain chemistry: an interview with Dr Kevin HallChildren who are bullied could be afraid to visit school, Drs.COBRA extension out of revised Senate careers bill Senate Bulk Leader Harry Reid is rewriting a working jobs bill after Democrats complained of too many concessions to Republicans, The Hill reports. Some Democrats are worried by the change. Sen. Tom Harkin , chairman of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, said the working careers bill should include a yearlong extension of unemployment insurance benefits. Harkin observed the Congressional Budget Office estimates the impact of extending unemployment insurance would create even more jobs then offering tax credits to employers who hire new workers. Furthermore, Some Democrats and labor officials are also pressing Reid to add federal Medicaid assistance to states .