Atrial flutter.

Noninvasive Testing for cirrhosis Prevents liver biopsyThe results showed that a specific measure of blood flow in the spleen – the splenic artery pulsatility index – highly accurate in identifying fibrosis and cirrhosis was. The authors believe that to be with another SAPI SAPI also a useful indicator of fibrosis / cirrhosis in other groups of patients with kidney disease.

Jayant A. Talwalkar and colleagues from the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, Rochester, Minn., analyzed the current evidence on ultrasound – based transient elastography. The approach that the most research attention has been given to to date Based on data from 18 previous studies, the ultrasound examination was highly accurate in identifying patients with liver cirrhosis, defined as severe fibrosis. About 90 % the liver of cirrhotic patients were correctly by ultrasound-based transient elastography identified the test was slightly less accurate intended less severe fibrosis.Atrial flutter , a common atrial represent an estimated 25 percent of the over 400,000 ablation procedures done worldwide every year be routinely treated with 8 mm catheter. Hamburg, Germany. The 8mm A catheter used in in San Raffaele University Hospital for the treating atrial fibrillation -. United StatesThe 8mm catheters is an important step towards improving efficiency and effectiveness atrial fibrillation A method. Power of 8mm catheters, with a of security of precision and soft contact lenses in the critical regions heart combined simplified treat complex atrial, said Professor Carlo , Director of, Director of Arrhythmology department..