As violence rose in Afghanistan.

America’s Soldiers Need Support on the War Front Our American soldiers in the war front have found it increasingly difficult to get the mental health care they want . As violence rose in Afghanistan, new methods have been employed, which pushed our troops there farther from working bases and farther from help. A report released March 6 suggested the usage of civilian psychiatrists on the war front to product the uniformed mental health corps. Although this is an unusual recommendation, there are various other civilian contract employees working alongside our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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America’s biopharmaceutical researchers work on many new methods to fight cancer America’s biopharmaceutical research businesses are testing 981 vaccines and medications to fight the countless types of tumor affecting millions of patients worldwide, according to a report released today by the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America . These potential medicines, which are either in medical trials or under review by the meals and Drug Administration, consist of 121 for lung tumor, 117 for lymphoma and 111 for breast cancer. Despite amazing strides in the ongoing battle against cancer, the many forms of this disease stay a major public health challenge for patients, their families, healthcare providers.