Artificial testes being designed to help infertile men produce sperm By Dr Ananya Mandal.

Artificial testes being designed to help infertile men produce sperm By Dr Ananya Mandal, MD Californian researchers are trying to make an artificial testicle that will produce human sperm. Dr . Our idea is to recreate the testicle itself. Turek added that research if effective could make sperm for infertile males that could be used in IVF remedies to conceive children, but achieving that goal won’t happen for several years likely. And it would probably only last about 70 days, the typical length of one cycle of sperm production and another one would need to be built. Dr. Rick Paulson, director of the fertility system at the University of Southern California, informed ABC News that if Turek and his group are successful, it may be an exciting step of progress for men who reduce their testicles to tumor, accidents or other factors that keep them without the capability to make sperm.

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Rahman says the condition itself and the medication regime necessary to control it, can transform children’s physical appearance – such as underdeveloped jaw bones, shortened fingertips, forearms, feet or toes. Dr. Kuldeep Bhatia, Head of the AIHW’s National Center for Monitoring Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Circumstances, says an estimated 1,600 Australian children are disabled due to their arthritis, due to the fact of chronic or recurrent pain and severe activity limitation. Almost 70 percent of them experience restricted physical activity or inability to do physical work and kids with arthritis are more likely to have days from school and times of reduced activity compared to other children.