Artificial cornea saves eyesight Every year.

If further lab tests are successful, the technology will be tried on humans in 2008.. Artificial cornea saves eyesight Every year, in Germany alone, around 7,000 people wait for a new cornea to save lots of their eyesight. But donor corneas are in short supply. In an EU project, researchers have developed an artificial cornea which is usually to be clinically tested in early 2008. A patient whose cornea is broken through a congenital malformation, hereditary disease or corrosion is at risk of going blind. One solution is to implant a donor cornea.The animal model designed for the study provides an important brand-new scientific device for evaluating which contrast media are associated with mind gadolinium deposits, and that are not, Dr. Runge believes. All the currently approved GBCAs ought to be evaluated by the techniques used in the article by Robert et al, or by a similar approach, he writes in an editorial accompanying the new paper. This may lead, and if therefore properly, to the reassessment of the approval status of minimal stable agents. .. Can Argan Essential oil Really Cure HAIR THINNING? In the bathroom sink and the hairbrush, you’ll see many hair that drops from your own head if the hairloss trouble hits you. Then the reality you are shedding locks is hard to be accepted by you. Because the hair thinning problem could become even worse, it is recommended to treat it with argan essential oil, which has shown its pros for locks wellness.