Argonne and IBM accelerate the coming period of petascale computation IBM and the U.

This peer examined system seeks computationally intensive research projects from industry, academia, and research organizations, which are poised to make high-impact scientific advances by using a large allocation of computer time and data storage. This installation shall also develop new opportunities for the advancement of systems software for massively parallel computers. Beginning in 2008, IBM and Argonne will partner to support the Open Source development of Blue Gene software program. The computing community could have access to the bulk of the Blue Gene systems software and will participate in its development. DOE’s Workplace of Science may be the single largest supporter of basic research in the physical sciences in the country and helps to ensure U.S. World leadership across a wide range of scientific disciplines.SOURCE General Diet Centers, Inc.. CVS pharmacy promotes flu shot propaganda using life-sized grim reapers Finally there’s some truth in advertising about flu shots. A CVS pharmacy is definitely promoting flu photos using images of the grim reaper, the most widely-known symbol of loss of life. In a photo snapped by a NaturalNews reader and delivered to us, an adult grim reaper keeps an indicator that reads, ‘Flu photos HERE! CVS Pharmacy.’ The further press the symbolism of loss of life, a child-sized grim reaper stands next to the adult – – oh look, it’s a lovely family! – – keeping a flu propaganda indication that reads, ‘YOU vs FLU’ which promotes a ‘$5 gift card’ when you get yourself a flu shot. The message is quite clear: Flu shots are associated with death.