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Participants at the two-day regional conference on children by HIV / AIDS by HIV / AIDS, examines the situation in the region, the New York Times reported. In addition, develop joint strategies develop common strategies to guide strategies and policies affected by the disease affected by the disease. Mohammad Naseer, Director of the SAARC Social Unit, said: ‘It is never too late to act, the time has come to children at the center of attention. ‘Frances Turner, deputy director of UNICEF ROSA, that the ‘likely loss her childhood, education, family support and inheritance, child neglect, discrimination and abuse faced are ‘, added: ‘A common approach is[a] must ensure to protect and support their basic rights ‘ ‘Mahesh Maskey, Chairman of the Nepal Health Research Council, stressed the need for a universal approach to ensure that HIV / AIDS – affected children are included in public and community support systems.

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