Appalachian Regional Health care sues West Virginia DHHR.

Of the $9.9 million in Medicaid reimbursements BARH received, $8.2 million came from federal funds. Of the $1.7 million the state put in that year to match federal funds, $1.4 million came from BARH itself through the Medicaid supplier tax a healthcare facility pays. Thus, the state put in no more than $300,000 of its funds that calendar year for Medicaid reimbursements for BARH. If the state had devote just $800,000 even more, the federal government would have matched it with an additional $4 million, Massey stated. That could have covered BARH’s Medicaid deficit in fiscal year 2009. Massey also indicated the state’s low Medicaid payment threatens access to care for Medicaid recipients and also the general public.Under California’s new regulations, buffer zones for chloropicrin have already been increased; in some cases, they’re double how big is those enforced by the Environmental Protection Company . The brand new buffer zones apply when Totally Impermeable Film tarps are not used, a tool that sounds great but is susceptible to getting blown or torn out of place, according to Ann Katten, a pesticide and function safety specialist with the California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation.