Anxiety Causes Problem anxiety may be the effect of a mental condition.

Panic disorder: In addition to attacks of stress and anxiety, called panic attacks, common symptoms of anxiety attacks are abdomen upset, palpitations , dizziness, and shortness of breath. These same symptoms also can be caused by caffeine consumption, amphetamines , an overactive thyroid, abnormal heart rhythms, and additional heart abnormalities . The panic attack sufferer may experience their mind going blank or that they somehow do not feel real, in that they feel like they are looking at themselves from beyond themselves. To be able to qualify for the analysis of panic disorder, the individual would experience repeated anxiety attacks than just one episode rather.Adjusting an arm that shows up deformed may worsen the harm to bones or additional structures within the elbow.

Childhood cancer survivors more at risk of chronic health problems as adults According to a fresh research adult survivors of childhood tumor can get to suffer from a number of chronic health issues years after their tumor has been cured. Advances in the treating pediatric cancer implies that almost 80 % of children diagnosed with the disease will become long-term survivors; but tumor treatments themselves carry risks, as in order to remedy the deadly disease, quite toxic treatments are needed.