Announced in October.

In his November 9, 2009 letter, Willett, chair of the Section of Nutrition at HSPH and a professor at Harvard Medical School, shows that AAFP provide a hyperlink on its website to HSPH’s popular Diet Source website ( which contains multiple web pages of easy-to-read content material for lay people on how to achieve a healthy diet. Related StoriesTwo Duke obesity experts' articles appear in the November issue of Wellness AffairsNegative body image significantly increases obesity risk among adolescentsStanding one-quarter of your day linked to reduced odds of obesityThe healthy drinks section of the site, Choosing Healthy Drinks ( offers tips on how best to limit sugary beverage consumption and handy recommendations on the amount of calories and sugar in soda, juice and additional popular drinks.CDP is usually a joint initiative between Cancer Research UK's Drug Development Office and Cancer Study Technology, to build up promising anti-cancer agents which pharmaceutical companies do not have the resources to advance through early phase clinical trials. AST-VAC2 can be a non-patient specific cancer vaccine made to stimulate patients' immune systems to assault telomerase, a protein that’s expressed in over 95 % of cancers but is certainly rarely expressed in normal adult cells. The vaccine originated following effective early phase medical trials of an identical, patient particular Asterias vaccine, known as AST-VAC1, which was produced from patients' bloodstream cells and examined in prostate cancers and severe myeloid leukemia.