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Reticulocyte count: A measure of young RBCs, this can help to determine if RBC production reaches normal levels. Furthermore to running these lab tests, your doctor may ask about a family history of anemia and your child’s symptoms and medications. This might business lead the doctor to perform other tests to look for specific diseases that could be causing the anemia.BackContinueTreatment Treatment for anemia depends on its cause. It’s important not to assume that any observeable symptoms your child may be having are because of iron deficiency. Make sure to have your son or daughter checked by a health care provider.A safety research that pooled lengthy – term data also was offered. In the power trial, 666 patients had been randomized to three organizations and transplanted at 100 sites all over the world, with 493 completing 2 yrs on treatment. In the BENEFIT-EXT study, 543 individuals had been randomized and transplanted, with 347 completing 2 yrs on treatment. The three treatment organizations were much less intensive and even more intensive belatacept and a typical program of cyclosporine . All patients also received regular transplant regimens of the anti-T cell antibody basiliximab and medications mycophenolate mofetil and corticosteroids.