Androgenetic alopecia in women and men All people suffer androgenic hair loss as they age.

Oral antiandrogens will arrest hair thinning in over 90 percent of women and stimulate hair regrowth to some degree in over 30 percent. Topical minoxidil will create visible hair regrowth in over 50 percent of men and women within half a year, but might not arrest further hair loss. Diagnosis of female pattern hair thinning is facilitated through the described scientific grading scale. Females with grade 3, four or five 5 hair loss have androgenetic alopecia. Up to 60 percent of women presenting with an increase of hair loss but who may actually have normal hair density on examination could have demonstrable androgenetic alopecia on scalp biopsy.Adults and households. The Consumer Healthcare Sentiment Index is based on responses from a study subset of 3,000 respondents each full month. SOURCE Thomson Reuters.

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