According to a report published on the web today in Annals of Crisis Medicine.

The app could help save lives by speeding treatment for the deadliest kind of heart attack referred to as STEMI , in which a clot blocks blood flow to the center. A critical part of prompt, effective STEMI treatment is rapid transmitting of an electrocardiogram image from emergency medical staff on site with a patient directly to the medical center to be viewed by a doctor. The ECG may show evidence of a heart attack, allowing doctors to get ready for instant treatment upon the individual's arrival.‘If this technology could be scaled to human-sized grafts, patients experiencing renal failing who are currently looking forward to donor kidneys or who aren’t transplant applicants could theoretically receive brand-new organs produced from their very own cells.’ Around 18,000 kidney transplants are performed in the U.S. Each full year, but 100,000 Us citizens with end-stage kidney disease are looking forward to a donor organ still. Even those luckily enough to get a transplant face an eternity of immunosuppressive drugs, which pose many health threats and cannot get rid of the incidence of eventual organ rejection totally.