A serious form of food poisoning.

Their report describes testing where extracts of carob leaves proved effective in inhibiting the development of Listeria bacterias developing in laboratory cultures. Further, it includes a possible explanation for the antibacterial action. The outcomes were promising enough for the researchers to plan further checks of carob extracts on Listeria developing in meat and fish samples.. Carob extracts may combat listeriosis Leaves of the plant that yields carob – the replacement for chocolate that some consider healthier than chocolate – certainly are a rich source of antibacterial substances ideal for fighting the microbe responsible for listeriosis, a serious form of food poisoning, according to a written report in ACS' Journal of Agricultural and Meals Chemistry.For the reason that part, he was instrumental in filing the 1st Investigational New Drug software for an early on stage cell therapy business. Dr. Wagner was a co-employee Professor at the Karolinska Institute also, where his research centered on molecular and cellular methods to brain regeneration and advancement. Dr. Wagner received his Ph.D. In Pharmacology from Duke University.

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