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Dealing with a forward-thinking firm like Orexigen offered us the chance to innovate and press the original boundaries of individual recruitment advertising and communications, says Neil Weisman, executive vice president and general supervisor of Blue Chip Health care Marketing. Through open conversation and a committed action to collaboration between BCPR, Orexigen, CROs and various other partners, we could actually create a highly effective, holistic marketing strategy, validated with data and general market trends that exceeded all forecasted anticipations and accelerated enrollment.If one buys in mass, the price goes down. Another potential problem to the Democrats’ plan is certainly that some lawmakers, including some Democrats, might seek to hold hearings, that could delay the procedure of passing legislation. Current federal government law requires drug companies to provide discounts for most brand-name prescription drugs covered by Medicaid and for the Section of Veterans Affairs drug program, which negotiates prices. Leavitt stated the VA program is not a good model for Medicare . Editorial, Opinion Pieces Two newspapers lately released an editorial and two opinion parts on the Democrats’ proposal to allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices. USA Today: Democrats should adopt a go-slow strategy to overhauling the Medicare drug benefit, today editorial claims a USA.